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2005-11-19 - 2:04 a.m.


The Wonderboy hasn't called all week. I keep thinking about him and how he is fairing in my hometown. I keep wondering if he called my dad or what he thought about the big city. I know he called Wes to tell him that they had every video in the world at one store and that's about it. I know Griff tried to call him too.

I wish I could stop thinking about him. Why I am like this about a mixed up crazy boy?

I loved working on the film with him and hanging out in the back of Bboy's SUV with my hip braced against his. I loved working with him. I loved going to movies with him.

I wish I could find someone else more my age to hang with.

I know this isn't healthy for him or me.

I need to work on this and do the right thing for both of us. Which is stop thinking about him this way.

I miss talking to him this week.


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