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2005-11-19 - 1:59 a.m.

Too much stuff....I haven't been writing and now I am high on legal my writing is scattered weird and bad.

Today I am still sick. We are on day 19 of the sick....and now with the added bonus of my period. I have tried to rest, take the drugs that I have been given correctly. I am sucking down the cough syrup in a very serious manner. I wish I wouldn't do that but if I didn't I think my lung parts would come in chunks. Tonight I also took a Viiicodin and some codeine. I need to ease up on the codeine. I am using so much of it but in a way it's controlling my coughing and pain in my chest.

I was so happy today because my Ac Pol meeting was cancelled. I did manage to copy our proposal incorrectly after going back upstairs to get a new number. Arggg......

I didn't do much at work this work because I was so sick and not into it. I wish I had done a better job. For example....we used the camera with the broken viewfinder for the poetry fest....and if you have a broken viewfinder that means no microphone....and no microphone means no audio....idiot....I no Bill Klefkorn....luckily I have other stuff of his.....the audio on the 12:30 sucked cause I didn't have the boom mic cause it was in Cassie's car....I wasn't too happy about that...cause our good tripod and other stuff has been in the car since the Durrs....

Oh yes....the Durrs....since we got four inches of snow that will make continuity a bitch because the last time we shot it was nice and there was no snow.....

Also one of the scenes for HWY12 needs snow but Wonder boy is in NYC and his wagon is in the Big O. We need to get that stuff shot.

I need to order editing stuff for school and ask my dad to cosign my Mac order. It would be so cool to have that laptop to edit with....I love FinalKutPRO

The slam could have been lit better but only one of the lights worked and it was the tota which isn't the best for soft diffused light. I did the best I could. My favorite part of the slam is watching JOD's face as the offensive material is being read. I couldn't stick around cause of the was killing me. I was quite dizzy after two beers but I inhaled them. I came back later and interviewed some of the winners. I think the interviews went okay but I should have had a different background. Griff did a nice job with it and learned some stuff and that's my goal. I will miss Griff when he's gone. I don't why I keep thinking about it. There were other people I missed but there's always someone new who comes in and takes away part of the space but I think I will really miss him. I could tell he was a bit drunk because he put his arm around my shoulder.

We were messing around afterwards and I asked if he had anything else to say. He talked about his volleyball girl thing and then goes....I love Wonder boy....I said in a squeaky voice why does everybody love Wonder boy? He threw up on me. The he proceeded to tell the story of the fence.....and how he fixed wonder boy for an afternoon. I then went in front of the camera and said I didn't understand this.
We packed up and we went to UD's where the smoke wasn't so bad. I talked to Liz, Cassie, Chris. later Liz's dad came in with Teagen. I had a great conversation with her and I had fun watching Chris and Griff play pool. I came home could not sleep.

I got up late today.....plenty of sleep despite the late bedtime. The dog....woke me up at dawn....I walked her......then went back to sleep. I went to school for bit...did some stuff but not much.....I watched TV tonight including a special on John Lennon's death...I was sleeping during part of it. I made bbq chicken it was good.

I need to start listing my food I am eating like horse on these steroids. I need to lose weight....because I will run out of pants that fit.


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