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2005-11-19 - 10:29 a.m.

I am trying to work on sleep. I must have taken too much stuff with caffine in it or something. I am still coughing. The coughing seems to be damp and not so much dry. It aches to do it. I think I am overtired from being sick.

My plan for tomorrow was to fix the door and weatherproof my living room windows and maybe Kel's room. I am also going to get curtains or shades for the living room windows because the vertical blinds have had it. The dog is so rough on them. I want my privacy back but I also don't want something that is a pain in the ass or something that looks ghastly. I mean my whole house looks horrid because of various dog incidents. My dining room chairs are chewed, the window part of the front door is broke out, the vertical blinds are covered with dog hair and useless, and finally my couch needs some care. So much of the couch needs to be sewed back together. I just want the place to look neat. Not even fashionable or put together. The public areas of the house need help. Oh yes and the carpet. Let's not even go there. The damn thing is just stained as hell with stuff I am not even sure is dog related. It looks more like the roommate stomped on it in muddy shoes. Or I brought in toxic waste. Some of stains are dog related and some are from pop. I have tried to scrub them out but to no avail.

I need some home makeover show or something.

I also need a body makeover. No more sick, no more sucking down of cheese and more bad food.


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