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2005-10-17 - 12:06 a.m.

You might be one person in the world, but the world to one person

I had a dream when I slept over at the YO's the other night. I have to give him another name. YO isn't representative of what he actually is anymore.

My dream was that someone told me "I love you" out loud. Now I know it was a dream because the only person to ever utter that phrase out loud to me was somewhere back in the eighties. It was a strange dream because I remember waking up and hearing YO in the kitchen so it was short dream.

It was fun hanging out with him. I enjoyed it. The kissing was great as usual. We talked about quite a few things including his previous relationship, his job, my students, and my lack of self esteem. He seemed concerned that I kept denigrating myself but I feel so fat right now. It's really bad. I weigh more now than when I delivered the roommate.

YO commented that it was too bad wonderboy was too young cause he said he seemed to dig me. He said that it was weird to sit and listen to us talk in our own language that night out at the ranch.

Saturday was a nice day. I got my toes done but the dude who did them did not massage my feet so I was dissapointed. After that I picked my movies and watched them. I went to Kohls and got some outfits for 2.00 so that was cool. I was suppose to buy dog food but that didn't happen. I have to work that out for tomorrow when the dog comes home.

I saw "A History of Violence" which was well put together and had me squirmming. Elizabethtown which needed some editing but you know I just loved it.

I went back down to Lincoln to get the Roommate and I had to sit and wait for him because of a misunderstanding.
I was so tired when I got home. I missed the dog.


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