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2005-10-14 - 4:58 a.m.

More emails......

TO: D in Texas

Hey guest list boy.........

Here is a link to Darn Tootin' Rob Rummel Hudson's place on the web.

I thought you or Pam might like to read this guy because he loves music and because of the way he writes about his daughter. He is also a fellow Texan. Make time to read it on a break or something.

How did you make out with the hotel rooms?

How were the Gang of Four? I so loved them when I was in High School.

Today Geekboy reminded me that 10/13 was Fox Mulder's Birthday. I can barely remember real people's birthdays.

I spent today editing an awful show with cheerleaders and putting together a nicely shot poetry show. The poetry ranged from a rant about the Suicide Girls to an Ode to the Family Auction Both of these shows involved one of my favorite students. He was freaked out interviewing the cheerleaders but did a nice job shooting the cute, intelligent, sensitive woman writers. Some days life is fun again.

Always, it's late and my teenager woke me up cause his messenger volume was turned up too high.


FROM: wonderboy
My Christian Name,
Am drunk beyond drunk, but would like to let you know I am in the teeth revising the draft. Pain and reminders of a utopia long dead, of people and characters, real and imagined, who no longer hold any place in this world besides my imagination. I hopefully will be through at least one redraft in the next few days. One more drastic rewrite probably must come before submission, but I am afraid of the tone alteration this will create for the sake of mechanics. I'll figure it out.
May God Bless Cameron Crowe

The concept of God doesn't exist between the hours of 2-6AM. This is why I write and can't sleep. Despite your snarkiness your grammar and spelling is excellent for a drunk person. But I would expect nothing less from writer.


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