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2005-10-05 - 9:02 a.m.

I'd write more details about this but for some reason I don't want to. I am not a great writer but I want to remember this.

The stars are bright. It's chilly enough for a coat. You ask me what I want to do. All I can think of is kissing you. I am not sure what you want. I grab your belt, and we kiss. You say get in and let's go.

We drive about into the woods. I jump out and try to figure out what to do. You get the lantern. It's almost like daylight on the prairie so I wonder why you are trying so hard to get the lantern lit. You turn back to the car and I say Nah...We're not going to do that. I know that I want to know but I wonder how much time we have. I also don't relish the thought of sitting with someone I have a crush on after we do something like that. I know I want you now. It's because you feel so comfortable to me and it' simple for us.

We walk over to the house. You put the lamp down. You grab me and we kiss. Make-out like teenagers. I push you down on the bed. You try to take off my shirt but it's not working for you. I have one of those practical bras on with the four hooks in the back. I didn't know we'd be doing this. I get your belt undone and then take off my shirt and bra. I wonder how bad my fat looks over my jeans cause I know you can see in the light of the moon. We alternate kissing one another and I get to work because I know I don't have long. We are listening for footsteps.

You are rock hard and I know this won't take long if I concentrate and work consistently. You call my name and tell me you are going to come. I always wonder why people do that. I curl up next to you for a minute. We get up and you kiss me in a wonderful forceful way.

I wonder how you will remember this.

We see headlights but they aren't his. We talk about different things. Some dumb. Some good. Some bad.

After I continue to drink and you get high with our friend.


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