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2005-10-03 - 9:46 a.m.

The weekend was okay but exhausting. The parade was okay but I know that the dept head is mad cause the radio kids had their own entry in the truck....I had said earlier in the year that we should all combine on a float but the students didn't want to do that.

I was sort of annoyed cause on Friday when it came time to get my truck ready there was no one around. We did end up doing it later in the evening after I had two calls to go out. One from Jro and one from the IG. Jro continues to not make sense.
At least this time I had the sense not to go out because I knew Saturday would be a long day. Which it was....for many reasons.

The parade. We lost fiber before the game which escalated into an argument with geekboy because he was arguing with his wife about whether she would walk over to the stadium at the time. I wanted to just grab the stuff and go because it was imperative that Tommy lee get the stuff. I sort of yelled at him and was annoyed with him. We did get fiber back but it took some maneuvering on Tom's part and alot of phone calls.

The game went okay but I was exhausted from running back and forth. The Dean came up and talked to me for awhile. The football team won so I was thankful for that.

Afterwards I went home....and chilled out. I didn't nap or anything. I ended up going to see IG in the truck because the Honda needs tires, oil and gas. My visit with him was okay. I was so tired by the time we went to bed, I almost didn't get out of bed to come home. I had to go home cause the roommate is here.....although I probably could stay over I just don't think that would be okay. The first time in awhile that I've gone over there. He had a rash where we touched made me worried. He's going to have to be the boy in the bubble from now on. Geeze.

My stupid crush lingers on. The wonderboy called on Sunday. We saw Serenity which rocked. I bought SFU for him to watch...he bought a bunch of movies. We chatted. Nothing dangerous. It was okay. Wish I could get over my crush and move on....that would be good for my mind. When I see him half the time I think about everything that is wrong with him and the other half of the time I think of how nice it would be to kiss him. It would be alot easier if he wasn't tall and smart.


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