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2005-09-30 - 7:57 a.m.

I need to get my ass in gear and go to work my extra jobs today.

Yesterday I was so lazy. I should have taken the afternoon to do some of these jobs so they wouldn't all be crammed into today but that's the way it goes.

Tomorrow is homecoming and we have one more football game after that....well actually two but we aren't doing the game on the 29th because all of us peeps will be in KC.

Lots of people have been positive about our volleyball coverage so that's a plus. We have plenty of talk shows and other things in the works.

I want everything to work out to make the wonderboy's movie. We talk about once a week now or so....but I am still getting over the conversation we had on Saturday when he used the word 'convenient'. Grr......low growling noise here......that word reminds me of when after eight years of commuting to Omaha, spending money on gas, Big said......well we keep doing this because it's convenient for us.....yeah right...driving 100 miles every weekend and leaving my home for you is convenient.....

To the wonderboy he's like if you are just convenient.....why do I talk to you for hours everyday.....I got mad at that's once a week.....yeah you pick a nice safe time once a week to talk to me now. You usually make sure you aren't too high or screwed up and you talk to me about art which no more talking about that 'dangerous' stuff that screws up. I keep thinking why do I care about this? What is wrong with me?

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to go over to IG's and spend the night...cause the roommate's dad was here trying to figure out why a sixteen year old doesn't want to hang with his parents....well duh. Anyways...I thought that I could do some stuff at school and then call IG....arrange booty call and go.....but fate or timing had other plans for me.

I was finishing up writing a particularly vitriolic email to my geek colleague.....who I had been angry with for most of the week for doing something dumbass to a student and who should walk in but wonderboy.......who I talked with for two hours and ate subway with.....and by then it was 9:30 and the IG was about to fall asleep when I called him. I found out that IG had just returned from Irvine CA. He has been on some kind of world tour this fall having to do with some new insurance thing for Medicaid or Medicare prescription stuff. Even he thinks Bush made a mistake on that because it will cost his clients alot of money. Although the IG is sometimes not the most moral of people I think he does care about good people on fixed incomes. It also included some sort of strip joint tour which the IG found fascinating because we all know he's not that kind of guy. So still no sex for's been a while people. Cranky....

I was so cranky that the next day I bitched at some people who really didn't deserve it in class. They were just questioning something and they were right to do it but I was tired and just wanted to get to my point and be done with it. But I couldn't get to my point because they were arguing about the difference between a peer and a friend. I mean these particular folks are sharp, smart, and clever. They aren't smart asses but I really needed a break so I asked them to let me get through the material and give me a break.......the looks on their faces told me I had turned into a crap teacher for the day.
I apologized afterwards but I know in some ways the damage has been done.

The next class which is filled with smart asses was tough from the get go cause they moaned and groaned about being in the upstairs room and I was doing a ppt. They hate when they have to take notes. I mean ppt isn't my favorite but the material is complex on several levels and they need to pay attention. In class I stated 'this is an upper level have to take notes and you need to do the reading and there is with it. The G-Drag....asked later.....did you have a fight with wonder boy or something.......that was an interesting comment I thought. I told him no....I was pissed with geek boy.....

The G-Dawn was upset he hadn't been chosen for homecoming royalty and he didn't make the second round of the male beauty pageant thing.....I understand I guess.... we had lunch yesterday when I was suppose to that's part of the reason I didn't make it out to my extra jobs.....

Okay time to stop procrastinating and thinking about making out....Serenity came out today and I want to see it and I have to do my extra jobs so off I go......


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