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2005-08-16 - 12:56 a.m.

Pain, knowing, longing, reasoning, love, a pure heart. Loss, memory, best intentions.

No regrets. I guess.

My summer is almost over. I worked. I conversed. I watched some movies. Read some books. Got Closure. I didn't do much to further my development as a video person. I wrote more than I have in ten years. I took a bunch of narcotics that were prescribed to me by my dentist because of all of the work I had done.
I didn't even go to a good concert.
Most of the good concerts are in the fall so I'll have to deal.
Someone snuck into my heart and made me think like a mess because they went through my mind first. It's my own fault. It's not good to let searchers inside the unstable environment of a middle aged woman's heart. That's a dangerous place.
It was just a momentary lack of judgment and reasoning. Easily addressed. Well, in theory.


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