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2005-08-19 - 12:15 a.m.

Blah. Tomorrow is a day of meetings and crap. I should probably figure out where I should be and bring a book.

My jaw is killing me despite the pain meds. I should probably take some motrin for it.

I didn't sleep all day like I thought I would. The drugs kept me up for some reason but it didn't kill the pain in the jaw.

I wonder how the wonderboy is tonight. I wonder if he's high. I wonder if he is having a good time. I wonder if he is thinking of me. I wonder if we'll ever kiss again.

I ate alot today. I think because of the vics. lots of triskits probably cause of the salt.

I am tired but I don't wanna sleep.

At least I have the weekend to get my crap together and I will do it.

I haven't started watching the DVD set yet and I should get to the movie from Netflix. I need some more summer.

Oh yes and I must get my sister something for her birthday...I will have to go to the Florist and do it....and yeah the presale foofighters went on sale today....and I have no credit card credit so I suck..............or maybe they'll come to the Qwest that would be good. They are on tour with Weezer...whoop.......

I wonder if I should use the old pda this year. It would sync with yahoo mail and stuff so that would be good. .....something to ponder. I wonder if it would be worth it.

I am a wonder girl tonight. I feel hopeful but that could just be the drugs talking.
It's hard to tell....


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