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2005-07-05 - 8:00 a.m.

Bit and Pieces

The summer days have been prefect. Good sleeping weather. Great walking weather in the morning.

Yesterday I watched two movies. One had a great deal of realistic sex in it which I didn't expect. It was very good and well constructed. I enjoyed Alex Balwin's character. He's a throwback to old school Vegas days. It was called 'The Cooler' The other was just 1:45 of discomfort because the two lead characters were so totally mismatched. I understand they were British but it still was so long. It was called the Girl in the Cafe and it was about the unlikely romance that happens during the G8 conferences. Kinda an ingenious but very heavy handed plot device to put forth an agenda about ending extreme poverty. But I am proud of myself for watching two movies and doing nothing yesterday except for some laundry. I need to do that more often or at least on a regular basis.

I keep having dreams about IG moving on to someone else. I understand that. In some ways it would be a relief. But I would miss it. I had another dream he called me and told me he just wanted to talk but I would have to do something else before I came over.

Sleeping with stars on the ceiling in the guest bedroom of my ex boyfriend's house.

Z pointing out that I am the only one that laughs at such self depreciating humor and it's sort of sad. It takes a boy to point this out to me. I should be ashamed of myself or better yet more secure with myself.

I don't want to work anymore this summer but I have bills and I have needs. K needs a new bed. I want satellite radio or an #ipod or a laptop. Damn this.

Why does my sex drive go into overdrive during the summer? Dang I get horny during the summer. Must be the heat or something.

I need to lose weight to stop my heartburn. Maybe I will concentrate on this after I am done working.


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