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2004-06-03 - 4:33 a.m.

Since I last wrote……..I got a puppy, got sick, lost another work friend through the evil forces, my son is depressed and has a girlfriend and I’ve generally have been too busy to pee. Oh yeah and the son is vegetarian and taking driver’s ed….so my life is fun. He still can’t mow the lawn worth a crap or take out the garbage. I am still required to take him to driver’s ed which I find ironic cause why can’t he walk and leave me to sleep late?

The puppy is kind of nice but can be vicious and needs a ton of attention. It is now sleeping happily in the middle of my bed shedding and snoring everywhere. The puppy is also defective. He has beagle pain syndrome. Yeah, I am continuing my family’s tradition of defective pets. I thought this pet came to me. It can’t be defective. Plus he is very tall to be a beagle. I think he is some sort of foxhound mix or something. He is very smart. If he had an opposable thumb I would be scared.

I wish I knew why I had such a freakish sleeping pattern. Or why I am so opposed to cleaning my own space. I mean my bedroom has a very small path from the door to the bed which spans maybe 18 inches at most. This whole waking up in the middle of the night than going back to sleep is making me look and feel old. Add to this my weight gain, excessive worry, and my throbbing aching wrist, chronic fatigue, and we have one unhealthy, unhappy mofo or mocat….

So yeah…I need to do the diary thing cause I don’t have the time or the notion to do the therapy thing. I need the chemicals to have semblance of perspective but they haven’t made a drug to cure the work-a-holic thing. I am debating whether I will take a job working for 40 hours a week for 90 days which will run into the insane school year. I think I just need to cool it and wait to see how these merchandising jobs work out or work for a temp agency for the extra cash. I know I will need some to make it till I get that big check at the end of this month. I need to save that money for the fence, egress window and the roof……oh crap…why doesn’t the wind just blow the rest of the shingles off and the insurance will pay up???? Arggg….


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