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2003-11-01 - 11:07 a.m.

My halloween costume was a success. I think I achieved my goal of looking pretty and not showcasing my boobs. I took a few minutes to trowl on the makeup. I was proud of myself even though most of the evening was spent reassuring J. that she wasn’t gonna die. That’s getting old. All of my previous adult costumes had something to do with boobs. Let’s look at last year’s construction worker outfit. Here ya go. I am like all boobs and toolbelt. Th year before that I was a 1980’s party girl….yeah quite the stretch….but the young one countered with……’what are you suppose to be?’ and the evil computer nerd…told me I looked like a lot of fun. I am a lot of fun.

To guys in Vegas selling timeshares who ask me if I want to see a show….I say….Baby I am the show…….


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