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2004-07-20 - 9:30 a.m.

Arggg... Arghhh.... I should be at work right now installing gravity bins but I am here at home cause I got a late start. I took some of that canada medication and I think it's formulated differently cause man.....I felt dopey this morning. The dog woke me at the crack of dawn after biting last night on my hands and hurting me.

I love the dog but hates when he bites me. He was biting cause he was bored. He has shredded my coffee table into wood shavings and ruined several pairs of shoes. It's my fault for being a crappy owner with no discipline.

I have to drop off crap at school. I am not in the mood for work today but I have to go. I must go. I should go. I better get going.

This diary sucks. I suck. I wish things were better. Maybe I need some different meds. arhhhhh.....It's not like I'm on a bunch of them but I think this pain med makes me nuts cause I feel ultra crappy. So no more pain meds.


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