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2006-01-30 - 2:18 a.m.

So yeah....I tried very hard to work on my report for school today as well as try to learn how to use the pan and scan option on the Avid but......the wonder boy showed up and we talked for awhile about stuff. I still think he is cute. Ahh...there's the rub.

A bunch of fun stories including a pass made by some married friend of his, and a visit to a local strip bar with $32 between three boys, and the acknowledgement that the female roommate is hot when she gets 'whored up'.

I called insurance guy today. He said I am glad you called. So the ball so to speak is in his court. I think he will call the next time gets bored. I need to keep doing that cause it will motivate me with the weight I think.

We are doing an Oscar nom bet thing....he will loose.

Oh well I have to get up very early tomorrow and there is a horrible meeting with the VPAA about something and I have to finish my that will more fun than heaven will allow.

I feel like everything is sort of impossible....where am I going to find a guy who is on my level or at least interested in the stuff I am interested in. Plus I am still in crush mode on the boy.....yeah....the boy. But he is my friend so I can't attack him again no matter how messed up I get.

Arggg...must sleep now....must work tomorrow


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