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2005-09-06 - 11:13 p.m.

School started auspiciously today. I got in the elevator not sure what I was going to talk about and two girls jumped on with me and talked about a fire that happened over the weekend at a local restaurant.

I went into my classroom. A new student told us all how she killed her dog over the weekend by running it over and it got stuck under her car. This was followed by another dead dog story contributed by another student. I managed to get on track and do the lecture despite all of this. There are two girls that sit by the window who whisper all the time. I wonder what they whisper about or if they think the class is a waste of time.

After this I did my hardest class. The one that is filled with ADD people and smart asses which is held in a small seminar room with a square conference table arrangement so at any given time the some percentage of the student's backs are turned away from me. I managed okay, did what I needed to do and let them go early. I haven't done that in that class.

I went upstairs which was cold and damp like a cave. I keep wonder what the heck happened to my temperate environment? We had never had trouble like this before.

I worked on a bunch of stuff. I also listened to GD tutor some people and he needed help. He couldn't win for losing today. He had an upset stomach....which was causing issues. I gave him some stomach pills and he told me I was like his mom. I reminded him the next time he invited me down to the bar that he would have to remember that when I put my hand on his knee in an inappropriate way. I was just kidding. He then said this is the price you pay for being our friend.

One of the crappier camcorders wouldn't power up so they had to use a good one and he managed to put everything in the middle of the tape. The person who needed the help managed to get it done.

My prod class went well....although one of them came in with a newly pierced tongue. I hate when they do that. It makes no sense to me to get a hole in your tongue when you have to use for radio or TV announcing.....stupid......and then the pregnant one showed me her tattoo which was some sort of Chinese symbol.....yep.....great class....tattooed pregnant girl and freshly tongue pierced 18 year old. She just turned 18 on last Thursday and her first act of defiance was to get a metal post rammed into her tongue. Ouch.

One of them brought pretzels which was good for the rest of the class.

I do like my job. It's nice to be needed and it's nice when people learn.


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