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2003-07-27 - 11:18 p.m.

Where’s your head at?

Today was a nice day. A quiet day. Last night it stormed. No winds to speak of but loud lightening and thunder. Enough to shake everything and make me think the world might be gone if I ever woke up.

I went to bed late….very late…..cause I drove home from Omaha late after eating pizza with Big and going to the old market to pick up and xtra large top for Namaste…..I felt very foolish looking for the place. Even though it was about 200 degrees and humid the Old Market was teaming with people. Big was less than happy to be driving about. I was surprised he wanted to go in the first place. So unlike him now he is so into the SWG. All he talks about, thinks about, and does is the game… other topics are acceptable…not the results of my biopsy….nor my concerns about the dog…..

I got up today around 11am and was thinking of taking a walk. The phone rang and it was IG…..who asked how I was and suggested an afternoon of humping and DVD watching…I was sneezing and snarfling….my allergies have been awful lately…..I said sure just give me a call. I went to a local store to get some new antihistamines…when I returned the phone rang again and IG said I’ll be there in an hour…..

He came over and we went at it on the couch for awhile. He teases me with his cock all the time. I just love that thing. I wish I didn’t but I do. I made myself get on top because I had a T-shirt on so he couldn’t see how flabby my belly is right now. He felt so good.

This went on for awhile and finally he came…..and then fell asleep on top of me…and in me…it was sort of sweet until he started to snore…..I felt okay with him like that. I really like that he wants to be that close to me……physically…..


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