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2003-01-03 - 11:14 a.m.

NYE 2003

Whoopee! I got a call early on in the day from IG. Surprising in a way. I had no plans really. I am not a big NYE fan.

I actually had no plans whatsever. I mean I had invitations...lots of stuff to do but I don't know for being a party girl I'm not so much for New Year's Eve. I figure that's for the non-party people to get their party on. I make up for it the rest of the year.

My favorite NYE's have been spent watching alot of bad TV with people I love. I mean I have done the Times Square Thing a couple of times, the concert thing a few times, and various other drunken activities but the best the ones seem to be the ones when I am fairly sober and just hanging out with people who aren't intensely drunk. Oh well.

Let's see other invitations.....Big called late in the game and said "hey i forgot it's NYE....wanna do something?" I was said "Ummmm no" The YO invited me to their house but I figured I would let him do his own thing cause he needs to start dating people outside the tribe

I got dressed up and went downtown I visited with the Rockfords ( a couple from work) and J from work who basically left her back up date at the bar to talk to me about her other boyfriends. Then I went to my home bar where there was no one I knew.....I talked to A. daughter of of E2 who said hey my folks are having a party. I was like and I wasn't invited. She was like yeah my dad forgot. So I went over there for awhile and ending up smelling like fried food cause R made some killer chicken wings which made the make-up melt off my face.

When it got to be about 10 or so I took off....went home fixed the makeup and went over to IGs. Where he was watching Dave Atell...which is funnier than I thought it would be. Then he was watching something on Monster Garage. I felt I needed to sleep....and so I took a paper towel and wiped off all the makeup. Went to bed. As usual he didn't touch me, or kiss me, just rubbed the huge penis on me and that's all it seems to take these days. It felt good. I like the way he holds me and wants to be near me afterwards. I like the way he pounds into me. I like that he's strong. For some reason I mumbled as I was're so good. He said "well you're better". That made me smile.

Now when he sleeps he sleeps weird. He got up to look for the airplane. I was like what airplane, you need to go back to sleep.



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