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2006-12-25 - 11:31 p.m.

Year in Review

A brief summary of the year I spent alone.

I started the year alone trying to make an editing deadline with a film that wasn't even finished.
Drank too much on MLK day
Dump Insurance guy because he is inconsiderate and says something mean to me on the phone.

For the first time in thirteen years I didn't spend my birthday in South Dakota with Rudy.
Tried to finish the snow scenes for the film
Decided to be myself on myspace
Begin bad internet dating

Attended two film festivals. One was a long road trip and the other was a fun and enlightening time.
Realized that sharing a small hotel room with five people might not have been the best idea I ever had.

Griff graduates
My Honda died.
Kel has surgery.

Spent most of the month doing work for school that I did not get paid for
Went to LA. FUN

Worked at the College World Series
Go to eye doctor for the blindness problem

Screened film at the Norfolk Arts Center
Hawked Spam, got fired from Spam job because I was too uppity
Worked with Meth Addicts
Stop bad Internet Dating because one of my 'dates' calls me fat and old.

School starts again

Work very hard videotaping things at school
Go to eye doctor again

Drive to St Louis and attend a conference during the World Series. I had a suite. It was fun to hang out with all of the different people. I also loved talking with Texas Dan. This was the highlight of my year. It was great trip. Thank you to everyone who went on the trip with me!

Like an idiot I decide to start talking to someone again and later regret it with all of my soul.
Go to another eye doctor....get crappy diagnosis....can't get glasses until everything stabilizes.
Try to go out on date but guy keeps canceling for reasons having to do with best friend's incarceration. Decide again that dating is not for me.

It's almost the end of an era....some of my favorite people graduate.
Go back to the Rec on a regular basis.


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