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2006-04-12 - 10:42 p.m.

What the hell is going on in my life?

04.07.06 10:38pm

caps locks a bitch, wanna get high tonight?

Stoner Boy 2

04.08.06 9:13pm

Stoner Boy 2,

How forward of you to actually give me your cell so I am not so dependent on the emotionally unstable drug czar.

I should call you up right now.

The other night after you left I went over to someone's house and stole a bottle of wine.
Maybe 40 is the new 30.

Be good.

04.11.06 8:11pm

Stealing, drinking and doing drugs i see.... Hmm
Sounds like convetional maturity is passe in your universe. And i think thats just fine, really fine.

I think i can empathize with you. Me being one consistant blob oof hormones and logic, i find myself transending "traditional" maturity iin search of something to hinge my nurosis on. So ill break you off a piece, whenever you want . :)

Stoner Boy 2

04.12.06 10:40pm

I think what you define as 'maturity' is over-rated. There is a difference between being a responsible person and being a mature person. Or being a usually responsible person who is prone to immature acts.

Logic and hormones as a mix can cause all kinds of crap to be expressed in different formats. Sometimes this overlap can cause great emotional distress and pain or sometimes great joy. It's a passive-aggressive thing. I feel for ya.

For me the thing is to feel. I need to feel alive. It's important. Sometimes you just have to cut loose and not care about the consequences........

I know that my neurosis's (spelling for the plural eludes me) are the one consistent thing I have in my chemically imbalanced head. My flawed emotional function is partly genetic and somewhat couched in my irrational fear of commitment and fear of being old. I know that it's a comfortable feeling.


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