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2006-02-27 - 6:37 a.m.

For some reason unknown to me my face is broke out. Everywhere. I think it's because I hold my face in my hands while I edit. Or I am tense. Or who knows what else. My skin is very dry. Everything on me is dry.

I was also in not such a good mood for the latter half of the day because Dawg was making me tense. I was pissed because he is going skiing and he's being an a-hole about when and where we are going to pick him up to go to Texas. I think he should just drive up here cause he will have to come back here anyway when we get back. He's also like we need to have a meeting. I am like why? I guess I understand.

I am upset about the whole situation with the van and travel money. I think we need to do the van but it's so much money.

The wonder boy has questions about everything. When are we getting badges? Do we have a place to stay on Friday? Argg......I guess I understand after last year.

He also pissed me off. Talking about how I send too much email. Yeah...okay so fuck off. No more email for you

I need to figure out if I can have a garage sale. NOW. Or at least sell some of this crap I have so I have some extra cash. I don't know what I was thinking but the book lady won't be back till after break so I am kinda screwed there. I should have planned better.

Plus Roommate's dad was here for part of the weekend and left dishes in the sink.

I recut some of the film at the end and did some audio stuff. I am not sure I like the end. I have to think about it. I wish I had better sunrise footage. The lens was so filthy when we did that it looks weird. Crap.

okay enough with the whining. maybe I can get a bit more sleep in.


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