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2006-01-26 - 1:19 a.m.

I'm suppose to be preparing for class tomorrow and I'm not in the mood.
My head aches from the stupid crap that's happening at work.

All because I abstained from a vote on a committee item and I apparently didn't inform my department about something. Yep. I am apparently irresponsible and can be fired because of this according to the person who is pissed about this.. Like this same person keeps us all informed about everything they do that effects us. I am so tired of this crap from the married couple that rule my department. This shouldn't be the case but I have had so many people tell me that this is my own fault because we have allowed this crap to go on for so long.

If we had monthly department meetings some of this would be avoided. But no it's not convenient for people.

I am just feeling crappy about work. It will pass but what the hell I am suppose to do in the meantime.

The wonderboy is awol. I need to finish editing and I have a ton of school work to do in addition to all the drama.

oh well maybe i need to sleep and then I will wake up tomorrow with the strength to deal with this crap.


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