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2006-01-15 - 3:11 a.m.

Okay, so Brokeback Mtn. Hot sweaty combative boy sex with cute boys that has an emotional punch. Yikes.

Memoirs of a Geisha.....Big Flabby Movie....

Omaha...still the same....

New computer...fabulous.....

Dog.....still large and hungry....and annoying

Kid...doing okay

Me.....okay I guess...horny, lonely but okay and at least sane for most of the time...just a few minutes a day are weird and I need to work it out.

Wonderboy.....still the same but with more cowbell....

Everything else.....well.....I need to give up on wonder boy and prepare for the harsh reality of online dating. This will suck but I've been going through a dry spell here and I need to do something about it to get my mind off my idiotic romantic notions. Or at least off the kissing or the holding.....that boy can't be your get the hell over it and move things really start to suck for you. When he gets a girlfriend that's gonna be bad for you so prepare now. NOW.

Stop crying about why he doesn't want you. GET OVER IT.

Get more sleep...that's what I need. Lack of sleep makes me delusional....and weird. and crabby.


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