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2006-01-12 - 1:18 a.m.

I've got to stop taking naps from 7-9 and sleeping from 4-11am....I know I can do it but it's interfering with work in sort of a bad way. It's the first week and I am a bit behind on stuff already. It doesn't help that I have two big meetings this week plus an unexpected tenure and promotion thing that just sort of cropped up plus my MM wants to do a program review meeting. Ach........
After break it's always hard for me to get back into good sleeping habits.

My dad needs angioplasty or at least some exploratory stuff. I wish he would take care of it. This scares me. The fact that my dad might not be immortal is frightening to me.

My step mom is upset about the above situation and is not happy about my brother and his issues.

My sister is mad at a company she works for part time because they shorted her pay. I wish I could help her. She gets so upset about money.

My brother is f#cked up. He'll probably have to do jail time this time for probation violation.

The boy I love doesn't love me. It hurts. He doesn't know it so it's sort of worse than it should be. The whole thing makes me crazy and sad. Sometimes I wonder when I will stop wanting to rob the cradle. If I were a guy people would be telling me to rock on. Cause I am a woman it's not so cool I guess. Trendy but not so cool

The man I had nice no strings attached sex with for three years isn't talking to me right now cause I told him to f^ck off.

My son is doing okay in school but not great.

His dad isn't happy right now and is pretty depressed.

My dog is a toy stealer. When I let her out at night to run around she always comes back with some other dog's toys.

The film is okay but I need to edit out some profanity cause it's going on cable in the big city and there's a glitch somewhere but since the wonder boy took the call and had no clue what he was talking about I am having some trouble making the corrections.

It doesn't help that he ran off for a few days. I think I am jealous of the wonder boy.

I have tax issues. I have to do something about that before the IRS does something radical like garnish my salary or something.


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