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2005-12-29 - 5:47 a.m.

Today's shoot went well. I felt good. I felt happy. I was exhausted. And I don't know if the weather tomorrow is going to work but I have to try right.


4:14AM Telephone Call
'Hi, this is Laura a friend of WonderBoy. He's drunk and keeps talking about shooting at
"He's just Wonderboy."

Quotes from the Wonderboy

"That girl that just called you is fucked up"
"Just like you she hates me"
"I have emotional issues"
"The Huskers came from behind and won"

Yep we were suppose to shoot the sunrise. This feels strangely comfortable for me because I am dealing with someone who a substance abuse issues and doesn't show up when they should and everything else. Yeah, go me.


I wonder if the wonderboy found my diary somewhere......that would be interesting but I guess I don't know.....I was thinking about it today.

He told me he wanted to read a novel. He mentioned 'wonderboys' which does happen to be one of my favorite books and it's his code I wonder if he knows that....maybe he does....also it's my password at work or part of it.


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