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2005-12-04 - 10:50 p.m.

The private sex entry I shouldn't post but I guess I will....cause who the heck knows who I am.......

Random Quotes

"I am so messed up."

"What do you want from me?"

"Don't leave a mark on my neck"

"I want to go down on you"

"Do you know how to do that?"

"That's really personal. I don't think I've had that done in years."

"You have over engergetic incisors"

Hey, You taste like me!"

"Do you like my man boobs. You know these things where my pecs should be?"

"It's your vocabulary. Where am I going to find someone with a vocabulary that's better than mine who doesn't have a PhD?"

I am interrupting this writing to say that letting the dog out at 4:36AM sucks when it's 2 degrees out Especially when she won't go herself and I have to put on some shoes and a coat and stand there while she pees.


My breasts are bruised. I don't know how this happened. There is one large bruise and two small ones.

I have done some research and found out the THC does a number on one of the brain chemicals you need to come if you are a guy. So maybe this isn't my fault.

I was just stunned on the offer to go down on me. Stunned.

When I was younger I liked oral sex but I also was having sex with people that specialized in it and it got them off. Now that I am older I not sure I am interested in it unless the person is really good at it. It seems like a personal thing almost too personal. I think it's the loss of control. Yeah loss of control is a big issue with me in bed.

Wonderboy was good but I couldn't help but notice there wasn't any finesse in the technique but it was interesting that he did that combo deal thing that I like. It would be cool if he would do it again. Or if I could sleep over somewhere with him and get the THC out of his system.

Or maybe it's just me and the flabby middle aged body. Maybe he needs some sort of hard body thing happening to make him come. I am just not sure about this since he doesn't want to hurt my feelings and stuff.

Overall the other night I had a good time and I shouldn't have slept over there but I did. I barely made it home in time to get the phone call to get the roommate at school cause he was sick. I wasn't too good for the rest of the day despite the preventative hydration.

I like having the cute stoner boy hold me.

We tell ourselves stories in order to live Joan Didion


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