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2005-11-02 - 10:56 p.m.

"She wore faded jeans with soft black leather.
She had eyes of blue that looked like weather
When she needed me I wasn't around.
That's the way it goes it will all work out." Tom Petty

I can't even write about this. I suppose he was totally blacked out and not knowing what he said. This makes me sad but I know I just need to keep my distance to stay sane and right. I feel good about what happened but sad since it can't be something that happens when we are sober. I also can't believe I slept with someone who threw up so much. His head must have hurt terribly.


What kind of music are you thinking about?

HIM: Stevie Nicks HER: The Beatles.

You are beautiful, here, here

Where do you like to be touched. Then he touched my breast, my head, and my crotch.

I can't be what you want or need.

I just want to be with you

I love your breasts.

I want to memorize your face.

You are gifted

Why do I always sleep with guys who have single beds.

Do I smell? This was after I farted so that was weird. What is up with that?

I don't want you to go, stay with me.

Do you feel safe with me.


It's weird how we fit on that bed. I don't feel crowded or smooshed. It's probably because it's on the floor.


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