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2005-10-22 - 12:18 a.m.

This is going to be totally scattered and weird. I drank two hard ciders and ate a bunch of wonder I'm fat...

I watched the Madonna documentary so that makes me even more weird.

Yesterday, I met a dog named Rudy......actually Rudy the dog came up to Dane and started to hump her face....and then figured it out which end to do. Hmmmm...who does that remind you of????

I woke up late today. I needed to wake up earlier to get to work. There was a bunch of stuff to do at each one of the stores I went to. I also have a bunch of stuff to look at for school and to watch. I have much to do.

Tomorrow, I have to do four bank shops that are far away but I will get $125 for the day if I get them done. Part of me thinks, you are crazy, why did you sign up for these.....another part need the money cause of the pile of bills that surrounds your computer. I need to work on the whole bill paying thing.

Also the cleaning house is filthy, messy, and of course I can't find any clean socks or towels.....

Next week is the big KC trip with the students and Geekboy. Geekboy is in his own hell this week accompanying his stepson to Baltimore. A twenty-two year old can't figure out his life....hmmm....where I have dealt with this before.

Oh well, I will just cram as much cleaning and rest into Sunday as I can. The roommate's dad will be arriving on Tuesday which will suck royally but maybe I can go see IG. He hasn't called since last weekend but he's been on the road.

Wonderboy called this morning and sounded happy and hung-over. It sounds like he has everything locked in for the fourth, fifth, and I have to work everything out for that weekend. I need to get my filters ordered for the camera. He told me a story about his accountant friend who drinks to excess. Wonderboy stated that the last time he got drunk with this friend he passed in the parking lot of some hotel in Kearney and the friend threw him over his shoulder, took him upstairs, dry humped him and took pictures of him.... yeah....sounds like some sort of repressed frat boy thing to me.
Wonderboy seems worried about the arrival of Soup. I told him not to worry but maybe disguise his bong as some sort of art project.

When I was driving today I had the sun roof open and I thought I saw a grey hair which I had to pull out. I kept thinking how my hair is such a nice color since I don't highlight it anymore but man....if I have grey it's got to go.......


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