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2005-09-26 - 5:00 a.m.

A Weekend Summary.

Spent Friday drinking and shooting with wonderboy. Went to academic party across the park. Had fun....drank wine.....broke philosophy boy's beer bottle. The IG didn't the last call I have from him was last weekend. I don't expect that many calls from him cause I think he's tired of me or working too much or something. I'm also not really in the mood or feeling that attractive. I don't know....I sort of want to just have sex with people who like me from now on or try to have sex with a boyfriend type and not just sex for sex sake. Now you know that since I wrote that sentence there will some sort of sex marathon with the man. But I am not sure where and when I will fit that into my schedule this week. It's homecoming.

More DC. Two calls from YO who will now be known as B. cause I realized he's not so young anymore or maybe I'd rather call him something not so annoying cause I have the wonderboy for that now. I need to revise my cast list. I know once I do that someone else will fade away from my life. I'd rather that didn't happen but it's the way of the world.

I didn't do much of what I thought I would do as usual. It was rainy. The basement got some water in it which was inconvenient. The football team finally won game.

Friday I found out that I got the fairly inexpensive trip to NYC with the IRTS but then found out that my sis will be away when this trip happens so that wasn't so much fun. Oh well. I do get to go home for a few days and enjoy NYC at a swanky hotel and talk about journalism with other college professor. I must lose weight so I can fit back in my suit.

I have much extra work this week. I will need the money for KC and NYC.

I think that despite the mandates about conversation from wonderboy we will be going ahead with producing his movie. I want to do it and show have something that's finished! Yeah. Believe in yourself.

I will just have to be careful to avoid those dangerous topics with him. I have to continue to realize or remind myself he's just a kid and kids can be so strident and adamant and dramatic about things.


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