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2005-09-11 - 12:32 p.m.

Our football team still sucks.

No more going out with co-workers and drinking rum.

I didn't do some of the work I was suppose to this weekend cause I didn't want to yesterday.

I know that the wonderboy will never kiss me again and I think I am okay with that. Maybe the relationship will
stablize but I guess I need something to long for and feel good about and since the philosophy guy proved to be less than successful I will have to move on.

I am realizing that he doesn't need me or want me. I should stop wanting him and put him in a different catogory of friend. It would be better for both of us. I need to step up the plate and be mature.

Maybe it's good that I have a whole flock of these people to get little crushes on so it keeps hope alive so to speak but time is running out. I will always be alone.

Young one is visiting next week for a wedding near here so maybe I'll see him and feel a bit better.

I actually cooked for the roommate last night.

I think I was never a teenager so that's why I don't get Dawson's Creek or have any desire to watch the OC. I think I was 25 when I was 15 and 15 when I was 35 if that's possible.

I love my dog.

I want to make something and I think I can do it soon because work will go back to normal as soon as the FCC thing is done.

What is up with me wanting to eat blocks of cheese?


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