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2005-09-05 - 11:37 p.m.

Today I saw two movies, no previews, and I got my prescription filled so my eyeballs aren't dancing around my sockets anymore.

I did have to drive like 4000 miles and pay 10000 in fuel charges but in some ways it was worth it. I also picked up my Canadian Tylenol for which I will be forever grateful to Big for. Although walking through his freshly carpeted house was almost tear inducing. I hate looking at the quilt on his bed and thinking she's slept underneath it.

I loved the Miranda July movie and enjoyed Broken Flowers. Everyone in the Theater gasped at the end of it so you know there was some interesting stuff going on. I will think about this and write more when I am not so exhausted. I also need to process it all.

I have to do my classes tomorrow and my Alco cause wonder boy can't work. Not too happy about this. I hate that I have to ask him but he needs the money and I sort of don't. I need the time. This week will suck. I have to do Kodak and the Alco/Pamida thing. It will be good to have the money but I won't have time.

I wish I had slept better last night. Maybe I will have to give the dog a sedative cause I had just fallen asleep when she started barking at 3:30AM and again at 4AM. I also realized today that I had a kid free weekend and no booty call cause IG was busy fishing or some other thing. I am not sure when the next kid free weekend is because I hate driving to Lincoln and it takes too long cause it's 124 miles away. That's 34 more than Omaha.

Besides IG has something wrong with his knee and it hurts him. He refuses to go to the doctor. I bet he tore his ACL cause some big guy dropped on his knee when he was trying to play volleyball. stupid IG. Oh well, what do I need sex for anyways? Right?


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