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2005-09-04 - 6:28 a.m.

"And I wonder where these dreams go
When the world gets in your way
What's the point in all this screaming
No one's listening anyway"

Goo Goo Dolls

Okay. I went out last night after arguing or 'discussing' Kanyne West with the IG. Apparently KW said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" and this upset IG. Also Jess Jackson's comments pissed him off too. He wonders if both of them are speaking for all black people. He kept saying Bush likes black people look at Colin Powell and Condie. IG is frigging clueless sometimes. I told IG that although I respect him there is no way I could ever agree with him on stuff. I figured out after five minutes the pointless conversation we were having was not doing either one of any good.

I realized in the process I am mad and frustrated that people in our country are dying of dehydration, hunger and neglect because we couldn't figure out how to take care of them in their time of need. Do I think that's Bush's fault? I am not sure. Everyone seems to equate him with the big evil. I am not sure that the man himself is pure evil but he seems to make some bad decisions that effect people in a negative way. He is also slow to action. He also ignores the obvious. Do I hate him? No, I pray for him. Why? He obviously is having some trouble handling things. Do I think someone else could do better? Yes, but the Democrats are too disheartened and scattered to field a better candidate or any candidate. I mean I want to believe but what or who is there to believe in? Liberals have good hearts but have flawed organizations and limited resources against conservative forces.

During this disheartening conversation, one of my students, the GD called and asked if Renquist had died. I told him yes, he asked me if it was expected and I told him yes....because he had cancer. I told him to hang tight and I would go to the bar and talk to him. I told IG that maybe I'd see him tomorrow. I told IG cause of the gas prices....I'd have to combine trips if I were to go anywhere tomorrow. I don't want to go over there but I need that damn prescription and I think the Walgreen's is open. Dang this small town. Back in the old days the pharmacy that was shut down would have been open on Sunday. I think. Or I guess I could wait till Monday.....and try Lincoln when I go pick up my kid. I've skipped a day before but not without a headache.

Yeah....I went out. Drank three beers...talked to a few people....talked to the GD.....told him.... to keep patience with the whole dating thing. I talked to the guy that worked on my computer the other day.

Then I came home and in my drunken way.....I drunk dialed......the wonderboy thinking.......maybe he's working.....but no...he's partying down in the big O....the conversation was short.....he asked if I was okay and he said he would call in a day or two. That boy is a liar. He always tells me that and it never happens. He always uses my full name and sounds annoyed no matter what the occasion. I shouldn't call him anymore. On the bright side I avoided drunk dialing other people that I shouldn't have dialed so I guess that's good. It was fairly harmless all the things considered.

There is something that is yucky in my fridge.....I should figure that out and clean it out cause it's annoying.

Okay I should attempt to go back to sleep or something. It's Sunday and I'm gonna have a hangover.


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