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2005-08-30 - 12:45 a.m.

Again, I am not sleeping. NOT SLEEPING.

The divorced guy is in Biloxi MS home of the Katrina and the Waves situation. Where he's at took a direct hit from the storm. Every where on his base is damaged and there is not electricity. Divorced Guy needs another name. He's been divorced more than ten years. I met him in 1998 and he had been divorced for three years prior to that. He needs a better name. Maybe illiterate guy cause he can't spell. Nah....something more descriptive. Obsessed guy? I don't know. He needs a better name if I am going to refer to him cause Divorced Guy isn't fair to him. His divorce doesn't or shouldn't define him although he was the first divorced guy I dated. IG was the second. No one else was ever divorced so I guess that's why it has stuck. IG's marriage doesn't even count. It was less than a year when he was 21.

I tried to be in a good mood today at school after last night's non sleeping fest. I think I was disturbed by the movie I saw. The Brothers Grim. Witches always make me freak out a bit. Terry Gilliam makes me freak out cause his vision is so chaotic and strange. Or maybe it was my anger at Dawson's Creek for ruining more perfectly good songs because of their unfortunate placement in the show. Actually, it's getting better as things become more after school special-ish. Since there is some real drama I am starting to ease down on my hate.

Which brings me to the question. Why would I watch something I am not sure that I like or enjoy? Why would I seem to 'waste' my time? I think it's important to try new things or watch things that you wouldn't normally watch. Stuff outside my comfort zone. It's a way of learning and understanding. Sometimes I watch ESPN or other stuff I wouldn't normally watch because I can learn something from it. The DC is to try to understand what the heck is going on with that Wonder Boy. Or provide some understanding into his world. But why would I want to understand his world?

I worked on some ideas with some kids for a parody today and we didn't hear from the school's legal person so tomorrow I have to kick some butt on that along with my classes.

I hope I have the energy.


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