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2005-08-22 - 11:31 p.m.

“You can’t take a picture of this,” he tells her. “It’s already gone.”

Nate to Claire on the finale of Six Feet Under

This line seems to have made all of the reviews of the finale. It is significant in the way that we view memory, recall, and how you live your life.

How many pictures have I taken of things that are just a glimpse of what they were? How many pages have I written that don't live up to or capture the essence of a message or emotion. This is the reason why sometimes I don't pick up a camera or type. It's because I need to have some memories just in my heart or mind.

Yesterday I tried to write about the send off for our town's guard unit. Today people asked me if I had taped any of it. I told them no. I needed to just stand there and be a participant and not a voyeur. Sometimes you need to be a part of life instead of just making a record of it.

The last fifteen minutes of the finale of SFU was so beautiful and well put together. It gave you enough information to fill in the blanks but still keep your imagination for how life might be for the family. I was crying but more for the part where David tells Claire that he loves her and he will miss her. The family finally makes things so that they can communicate and support one another. The whole taking picture thing so much reminded me of how I was and still am with my friends and family.

This show has made me think so much. It came at a time after my mom's death where I needed to watch a show about life. This show was more about life than it was about coping with death. How do you want to live? How can you be creative and be a part of family? Can you be married? Can you deal with severe mental illness in your family? Can you deal with self absorbed people who are selfish and only think of themselves? So many questions with answers that have to be figured out in the heart.


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