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2005-08-19 - 9:41 p.m.

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Not really anything else to say. I was suppose to videotape something but there were no video cameras because the student that has them hasn't returned them. I will have to find him and figure out when I can get the cameras back.. I know there was plenty of coverage there so I don't necessarily feel bad about it.

I sat with an alienated faculty member at the meeting. I wish I could ask him about stuff but I can't and he's pissed the radio kids don't want to do the radio show but part of that is because of the original host of the show is now a commercial radio sports guy.

The admissions director said that students would be blogging and podcasting. I was right on that. I told him we already have students doing this why not pay them? Argg.....the corporatization of these things argggg...............

In good news the new philosophy guy is cute but he decided to live out of town because of the rip off landlords. Can't say I blame him. Didn't get to talk to him because JGUY hogged him. My procedure this year on the JGUY will be to ignore him from now on because he pissed with me already.

I did okay today. I was harmonious and helpful. I tried to be nice but the JGUY pissed me off. He told me all towns the size of Wayne had coverage of city council meetings. Yeah right. Norfolk just got it last year and they are profitable system. He has no fucking clue. He said Harlan Iowa has it. He has to understand Iowa is like a different country where that is concerned. The state of Iowa paid some unheard of amount of cash to wire the whole state and then sold it off to a private concern. Oh yeah and they report on those meetings every week. Okay then. There's a huge difference between reporting and actually watching the tedium that is city politics. He is an ass. I need to keep my temper.

JRo acted like a wounded person as usual. It seems like everything I say bothers her.

I had no clue the other Theater person got paid to do a crappy job on our web pages. The department bought a hugely expensive digital camera that they don't know how to use. Great. More wasted cash. JRo ordered a video camera which again....doesn't know what format.....has no clue. I can't wait to see if they find someone to operate it.

I didn't do any work. I need to watch a bunch of DVDs and other stuff. I have to quit the dog food job on Monday so they at least know what's happening cause I am not gonna work there this weekend. I need to work on my class stuff and get mentally ready for the next week. It will be a long one.

I need to work on incorperating more activties in my classes and remaining positive.

I asked a couple of people what they were looking forward to and they said "May". The they relented and they said meeting the new students. This was from someone who is notoriously known for not doing anything with students. I guess I am looking forward to trying to make some stuff for me. But in order to do that I have to stop being scared and spending energy on stupid or frivolous stuff like the wonderboy. I wonder how wonder boy is doing. I like that nickname. I should never ever have sex with him so I can keep that nickname. If we had sex he'd have to be a guy and wonder guy doesn't have the same ring as wonderboy.


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