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2005-08-07 - 6:14 p.m.

Sitting in the dark and hearing you laugh is good.
We laugh at some of the same things.
Just for a minute I think will he ever think about me that way again?
I try to keep my thoughts pure. I can do that.
I'm going try my best get this back to the way it should be.
I have to keep my mind from wandering.
You have your impossible girl and I have an insurance guy.
The problem is I want a wonder boy. One of those I wonder what is he thinking kind of boys who finds Shakespeare in the comedy of latter day independent saints. Or knows who Kurosawa is

I'm a woman. No more wonder boys for me.
Just the disposable guys who can't keep up or put up with my crap.

You may think why not a man?
Men are awful constructs of modern society.
They aren't sure what they should or could be.

How about a woman?
Too complicated and there would be decorating conflicts.

I know what I want but it's something I can't have. I'll be good.


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