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2005-07-29 - 11:48 a.m.

Hello Former Boyfriend,

I need closure please help me. Please don't call me again about your yeast infections. I could do without that call. Thanks

Dear Boy I have a Crush on,

Please call me. I feel like an idiot but it makes me feel young. That feels good. Makes me feel alive and human. Makes me have hope. I keep wondering what would happen if we kissed. Plus you are cute.

Dear Child O Mine,

I love you. You are a bright funny smart aleck kid. Your presence in my life helped to fix my screwed up bitter heart. Because of you my heart is only dented and not broken. I know it will be fixed someday I have never felt alone because I know you are there. You are a light and inspiration in my life. I wish I could be the great affectionate emotionally supportive mom you wanted. When people talk about you they always say what great parents you had. I never know how to take that compliment but I'm learning.


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