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2005-02-20 - 10:01 a.m.

Today I am high on codeine based cough medicines because my throat hurts terribly.

I keep wondering if I am allergic to the plague dog.

I have to do two strollers tapes this week. I wonder if I’ll make it.

I wonder if he’s bring her to strollers. Don’t know since he won’t return calls. I should have known better.

Stupid IG .

Arggggg…I go home in two weeks and France in three weeks and most of my clothes don’t fit. Time to fast.

I feel uncomfortable looking at the blogs/diaries of my son’s friends. I wonder if their parents know about them. Some of these kids are doing stupid crap. Like A doing 110 in his camry with six kids in it. This scares the crap out of me.

JRo is still in isolated world on her own. Still angry.

I’m still sick. I want to get better.

I walked two days in a row and I will walk today even though my left heel hurts.

I need to hang up my clothes and go back to sleep before the play this afternoon.

I have to go to the International Dinner tonight and meet the geekboy’s wife and tape the entertainment.

Academics have problems discerning their work from their real life. Tonight’s event should be fun but I have to tape it. Or the play this afternoon. I should want to go to it but I have to tape it. When do I get to stop being a professional voyeur?

I think I will be alone for the rest of my life unless I settle for less.

Okay I will cry now but I think this is because I’m high from the medication.
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