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2005-02-20 - 9:54 a.m.

I am not kidding about this. Here are some names of some people I knew in High School. [b] Quimby, Harmony, Symphony, Harmony, Destiny, Dream, Keene, Trigger, Ceasar, Tate, Mingus, Medea, Moria, Rockerfeller, Romulous Carnegie, Broadway, Maxwell, Maximus, Teagan, Graham, Dove, Lily, Paris, London, Dominican, Croix, Japan, Phineaus, Sheamus, Maple, Apple [/b] (yes we had an apple born in 1968), [b] Finny, Ravi, Dexter and Baxter [/b] (brothers, which I think is cruel, their sister’s name Paige) although I think the worst was Neptune and his sisters Aurora and Andromeda, their parents were astronomers, although no one made fun of any of them because Neptune was a huge guy who lettered in football, wresting, and track.
I think the parents were indulging in some illicit drugs or something. Almost all of these kids had trust funds.

I think people that name their kids Brooklyn who have never been there are weird. Also Tiffany or Porche. I did have a Seville, Lexus, and a Cadillac in class but not the same one. I also hate all of the none traditional spellings of the name Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashllee, Ashleee, Ashlea, and Ashleah. All pronounced ASH-LEE. Generally, Ashlee’s are fine people but I have to many of them in class right now. Also Erins and Aarons. Must have been popular during the 80’s.

I can’t be trusted with names though because my child hates his name. My favorites are Uma, Rose, Lucky, Mustang, Lucas, Dakota, Ariel, Buffy, Rudy, Jake, Casey, Delilah, Keuroac, Cassandra, and Maddie.

I like my name generally. It's my mom name so it's like I'm mediamaven the second or number two or something.


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