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2005-02-06 - 6:33 a.m.

I have the plague. I think Dane is the plague dog. When IG got here he commenced the month long sickness which his doctor told him was attributed to his allergy to the dog. I donít think Iím allergic but I feel like crap. I hope I just caught the roommateís cold and not some other strain of horrid flu. Someoneí daughter at work has had a terrible time with a strain of flu that caused her to mimic meningitis. Sheís been in the hospital for two weeks. I feel so bad for her. The hospital sucks. You donít get any real rest cause people are checking on you, or you are uncomfortable/in pain, or your neighborís are screaming because they are deaf or their TV is turned up to loud or their hundreds of relatives are screaming because of the TV and the deafness. The last time I was in the hospital it was a relief to come home to the relative quiet of my messy home to rest.
I need as close to silent as you can get to go to sleep. No fan or TV for me. People or dog noises also drive me nuts. I wonder how I will do when I go to France. My roommate snores and has asthma. I see a visit to get some sort of knock out pill. Or maybe Iíll be exhausted like I was in Russia. I can only hope so.
My other prob with Russia was that it was very hot and we were sleeping on scratchy wool blankets and no air conditioning. We went during the great heat wave of 2001. Hundreds of older people died because of heat related causes. Lots of people drowned because if they werenít use to swimming they got caught up in the undercurrent of the river or the sea. It was very intense. I felt as if I was going to drown in my own sweat. The only time I felt comfortable and cool was on the train to St. Petersburg. I slept great when I thought I wouldnít. I think it was because it was air conditioned. I remember that night well because I slept in a t-shirt as opposed to half naked and I didnít sit up looking at the night ski. I also didnít have one of the mega bomb beers.
When I went to Russia I kept wondering why they didnít sell 6packs. After one 16 oz bottle I could tell you why. The beer was much stronger. I kept drinking beer when I was there because it was usually the only beverage the Russians felt should be served cold and it was hot outside. The second night we were there Janet and I went down to the kiosk and I bought coke and a beer. I thought I would drink two but I did have a hangover after one. It was very strong stuff. It tasted great. Russian beer has an almost sharp taste to it. Itís smooth and easy to drink. I canít even think of a domestic beer that it tastes like. Sort of like a better Amstel Light. A fuller version.
Plague Dog is now under my feet, under the desk trying to obtain a ball that went between the desk and the window. This is annoying because the dog doesnít fit under the desk anymore. Sheís too big. I have tried to deter here from this but itís impossible because dogs like a den. They are related to wolves. They want to go into a cave or covered area when they sleep. Dogs are also difficult because they want to be right next to you at all times. Itís almost worse than a toddler. You canít go to the bathroom alone. Itís very unhealthy at times. I wish my bathroom door lock worked and my bedroom lock. When Iím sick the last thing I want to do is snuggle up to the mouth breathing fur shedding animal who is interested in sleeping as close to me as possible at the expense of my comfort. Iím a poor sleeper to begin with but add the pet in there and itís impossible to go for more than four hours at a stretch. No wonder I am so tired. Maybe I should put the dog in the crate again. Then sheíll bark and whine which will be even more annoying. HmmmÖ.dilemmas.

To make matters worse, I also have the goopy, might be pink eye, swollen irritated eye. Which is annoying and has the potential to be plague like cause last night at work I touched like 3000 things the kids touch.
I feel awful. Stuffy head & nose, dripping sinus, headache, body ache, fever and now the fabulous goopy annoying eye.
I think I will get the last round of flu shot on the 17th.
I, I , I thatís all this diary is. I think Iím too self absorbed to be a good writer. I might be a better writer if I was more careful about what I writing.


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