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2005-01-31 - 1:03 a.m.

Friday night was fine. I drank a bit much and was a little tired but IG and I laughed a lot . He told me he was hung over on Saturday which surprised me cause he didnít seem that way. He just seemed up for having fun, although the P-unit was cooperating the way I thought it would. All of it felt good but I couldnít sleep there. I drifted in and out and then decided to go home cause I wanted to make sure that the dog went out.
Saturday I spent the whole day laying around watching my Tivooooo. I love that thing. Sunday I spent too much at wackmart but we needed some different food and I needed bigger pants. I am tired of being fat but Iím also highly uncomfortable in my work pants. I stopped by to see IG again and it worked out well. We laughed and played so it was cool. Those sorts of days make me feel like I should try to work this out with him but I canít even talk about it with him soÖ..not very likely.


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