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2005-01-07 - 3:10 a.m.

Itís dang cold. It took me about two hours this afternoon to open the truck doors which were iced over and to get the snow blower started. The snow blower makes the driveway easier especially at the bottom. I kept skidding down the hill in my un-insulated Nike boots. I wish I could find my old construction boots or replacements for my AGCs. I hate when my feet are cold. I can usually take it most of the time but my feet have to be protected. The Timberlands I have are okay but I like to keep them nice for work.

Oh yeah. Work. I have to go back on Monday. Yuck.

I went over to IGs tonight. It was good. I went for the entertainment value of it. I did the whole backwards on top thing to make it easier for him. I somehow did manage to snag my bellybutton on my pants so now that hurts. I wish I weighed about 30 pounds less then I could wail away on top of him. I think I need someone different to have sex with. Someone who isnít so fragile and petite. I think I need a sturdier model.

I agreed to take care of his dog for the next five days cause he has a busy schedule. Tomorrow is his officeís Christmas Party. Itís at Village Pointe. If they were doing something fun Iíd be more like ďhey why canít I goĒ but I guess we just arenít that way.

He told me tonight that he felt dated. He went to get his haircut and told the girl that he was going to spending some time in the Wild Kingdom thinking sheíd get the Marlon Perkins Mutual of Omaha reference. She promptly told him ďIím twenty twoĒ so he felt very old. I just laughed at this. I wonder what he would say if he knew how old I really was. I donít want to think about it.

I feel okay today. I didnít need any pain meds. Although I spent until about 2pm in bed cause I was cold. I should have gotten up earlier but I didnít feel like it since I had gone to sleep at 5. I will try to take some corrective action on this tomorrow so my schedule is sort of back to normal for work again.

I am debating about the big O on Saturday. I want to make sure I have enough energy to manage all of this and get some more work done before the semester starts .


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