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2005-01-05 - 11:27 p.m.

All kinds of random crap.

Today I did a few things and felt better. I only took one pain med so far today. I will probably take another one when I canít sleep here in an hour or two.
There is a foot of snow on the ground so tomorrow I will be out with my snow blower. I have no winter boots so that should be interesting. Maybe I will just wrap my feet up in garbage bags or something. I canít even find my old construction boots.

I should make the roommate get up and do it but Iím afraid heíll break the snowblower like he did the plumbing and the vacuum.

IG called tonight to say he was to be camping out at Stirrers all weekend and to see how I was getting around in the snow. I was like why should I leave the house. I mean I had food to cook and there really was no reason to leave. Why skid around if I donít have to? The 4 wheel drive on the truck works great in the snow but that ice underneath is thing that causes the problems driving. Anyways, I wish IG were free this weekend cause all this bad weather/staying home is making me horny. The problem is am I up for sexual activity? I donít know. I think Iím just starved for affection these days. I need to work on getting one of those real boyfriends.

I could go to Omaha this weekend for the premiere of one of my studentsí movies. They are having it at a theater so I curious as to the kind of crowd theyíll get. But itís two hours driving in crap conditions although I know the highways will be fine itís the side roads in town that always suck. Plus it will sap any energy I have cause of my stupid body. I am so frustrated right now. I just want to feel well enough to do my chores and exercise. If I stand or something for too long I feel like crap.

Tonight I grilled. It was about seven degrees outside but I hate the smell of pork so I threw the roommates pork chops on there with some turkey patties. They all turned out all right. I donít know I am goofy like that. It was real easy to clean up and my house didnít reek of dead meat afterwards so maybe Iím on to something there.

I want someone to come over and put together my entertainment center so I can hook the TiVo up. The entertainment center has a thirty page instruction book so you know Iím not likely to give it a shot. It just looks complicated so itís sitting in pieces on my floor.
Iím lazy and trying to find other stuff to do cause I am just not confident enough to give the entertainment center a try.


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