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2003-08-16 - 6:39 a.m.

Why I'm I up at this hour? It's Saturday and I can sleep? Why?

I am still in the Big O. I will be going to an auction this morning to try to scrounge some chairs for the classroom. I need some nice chairs for less than $12 a piece. The current seating leaves much to be desired. Big orange plastic chairs. Not sure how many we can fit around the tables in that room. The chair/desks we had in there aren't going to work with the laptop activity we have going on. Last semester I was just waiting for someone to lean back in one of those things are crash onto a laptop or have one fall of the desk.

One student was particularly daring in this respect. I think he made his laptop perch at the edge of the desk just to make me cringe.

My allergies are bad today. I took some benadryl although I know that makes me have a headache later.

Today I must find a gift for the sis. I wish I could give her what she really wants. But I think that would be too expensive. I wonder what a baby would run me?

Oh well...I should hop back into bed. I woke up cause there was a hand in my face....then in my hair...finally I got tired of it and got up. Plus the dog was wheezing.........

I wish I were a better writer. I mean I am no Uncle Bob or Weetabix but I would like to write coherant entries which document my life throught the lens of humor. I have many funny things happen in my life....

I am also puzzled and amazed by the world sometimes. People are saying that because Mars is close to the earth weird stuff is happening. Well, weird stuff happens all the time but maybe we are just noticing it more.


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