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2003-03-04 - 10:25 p.m.

Don’t hate the soldiers……

Today I went to a peace rally cause my students weren’t back from their field trip on time to cover it……………. after quite a few people called the president a war monger and such……a twenty year old man stood up and said “I am a reservist…..and I’m not even sure what I feel about the war. But I respect all of you speaking out today and I happy to protect your right to say what you want to say but I would just ask that you please don’t hate the soldiers……don’t spit on them or disrespect them like we did after Vietnam.”

His voice was shaky. I think he was scared. I wasn’t sure what to think. I am still not sure if being against the war is respectful to my friends who have had to go overseas and serve. Most of the students I have don’t understand why we are going to war. It’s interesting how most of them equate this conflict with oil…..and not terrorism. Even my most conservative students are waffling on this…..

A high school student spoke and asked that we realize war is killing people. She spoke of her brother in the reserves. She did a good job expressing what she felt.

My dept head was there….I guess for her son….the one who joined the armed forces….I have always thought he left cause he couldn’t deal with his step dad…..but maybe it is wrong of me to thing that……or incorrect………….

I don’t know…peace….it’s just a word……but sometimes just a word can mean the world.


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