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2003-02-18 - 10:21 p.m.

Toilet Rage

Here is the actual email I had to write the other day.....I should put the one that I wanted to write below....

This morning M reported to me that a toilet in the fourth floor men's room had been detached from the wall. He also expressed concern about the general condition of the fourth floor men's bathroom.

At noon today I addressed 13 students in the Radio Workshop 220 and 420 sections. I asked them to please come forward to B, M, or I if they had any information about what happened to the toilet over the weekend. I also asked that they respect the new facilities and immediately report any problems with plumbing or the building to security, I instructed them to call 7216 at anytime if they felt there was something wrong with any part of the building. I also posted these instructions on the bulletin board in the radio station. I will also address the television production classes about this matter tomorrow but since we have not really been having classes in this building I'm not sure this will help. Bryan will address the remaining radio students individually.

I also talked to the students that any student caught damaging Wayne State property or facilities would held accountable. I explained this meant that they would be responsible for the replacement of the damaged items or property as well as open to criminal prosecution.

I also addressed the concern about the condition of the bathroom by asking the students to please be courteous and respectful. I also mentioned that all of them were not only students but representatives of K92 so my expectation is that they have some sense of civility and good manners.

Please let me know if there is anything else that should be done to address this matter.

Now what I wanted to write was....

M. is a deranged paranoid old man who thinks that my students ripped a toilet off the wall in a blind senseless rage. He has targeted one student who he feels has a grudge against him. M. told me the students were out of control and that I should restrain them. He told me to tell them that an investigation would take place and that people would be prosecuted. He talked about putting survelliance cameras in.....

I think the toilet fell off the wall. The wall behind the toilet is soft...cause things have been leaking....

I spent two hours the other day dealing with a detached toilet.....



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