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2003-01-26 - 8:52 p.m.

More Obsessions and My beloved personal appliance breaks…….

I'm still obsessed with money, mortgages, and other worries but someone sent me an email that helped me try to think about things a little differently. The Paperboy told me

“Don't kill yourself over this extra work stuff. It ain't worth it. You're in the house and these people don't want it back, so while I wouldn't completely bet on their generosity, I'll bet they'll work with you if you don't quite have it all.”

Now why didn’t I think of that? Well I have but it was just comforting to hear it from someone else.

I drove for two and half hours on Saturday and there was no work and no paycheck… addition I didn’t get my paycheck from the inventory company. I did get a check from the temp agency but I am taking tomorrow off from that particular job to apply for additional employment here in town. I also need to work the schedule for school. D really screwed it up….and I need to fix it. Plus I need to deal with the six kids that didn’t show to my class on Friday.

Friday I spent in a meeting which sucked and then taping a speaker at the local library. After I got home I was so tired. IG called and I was sleeping….plus I had my period so I would have been useless to him….I complained about my situation to him…but he did call on Thursday too so maybe there is some hope in that situation.

Earlier in the week my beloved Windmere personal massager started to spark so I had to throw it away. I was sad. I think I bought that thing in 1993….at Shopko…..and when I was leaving the store….Bobbie Mac and his wife stopped me to say hi….I was so embarrassed about what was in my flimsy plastic bag… it gave me ten years of good times….I’m wondering if I should upgrade……? The rabbit? The hello kitty?

Saturday despite the rough start turned out great! Big took me to eat and to see ‘Gangs of New York’ which needed a ton of editing….a ton of it….I liked it enough…but it needed more plot less atmosphere and EDITING. I worked on my wedding video brochure and I think I made some progress with that…..a productive day…oh yeah and I took a two hour nap which put me in a better mood.

Sunday I worked on a letter to apply for a part time job I think I would love. I hope and pray that this one works out. It would be an answer to my prayers for extra cash…and convenience if it would work…..Please send any positive thoughts my way…..

I am watching parts of the Super bowl and hoping the local messed up UPN affiliate will play the Buffy I missed….although I think they skipped last week and it was a new one….I think we are the only market with a CBS/UPN affiliate…..and it sucks….cause all of the programming is on at weird times…

Wish me luck…..think good thoughts….


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