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2003-01-14 - 11:48 p.m.

Considering other Options

I am tired. I should be sleeping or typing one of the four course outlines I need to be working on. Or I should be completing my computing plan for everything at work. So much to do but my mind is on money. I am praying I put enough in the checking account to cover the rent. I don't know what's happening cause I have no atm card. Mine demagnetized.

At work today I was sort of frustrated cause my lack of printing was still an issue. The crap printer doesn't work and I can't check it cause cause the craptron monitor has crapped it's last crap. The printer upstairs....well the access is limited due to the secretary always being gone...I don't know why she's gone all the time but she is.

I am trying so hard at work to smile and have a good attitude. It’s tough. My classes are large and I need to prepare more material. I also need to consider other part time jobs cause I need to work more often to get the money I need to get out of debt and have the down payment. I want to try to get a job closer to home so I don’t have to see Big on the weekends…..

Young one called me last night… He was SHOCKED that one of friends who he has tried to hit on, date, have sex with for the last seven years has a boyfriend. I mean really, he was like but she never said he was a boyfriend. I’m beginning to think that he does have a reality problem where women are concerned. The friend who I will call CC. CC likes being single and has a great job. Her job is the most important thing to her. YO was feels betrayed that she has been dating all this time. I was like how did she lie to you? She never lied to him or deceived him. He kept thinking he could have a relationship with her. I told him over two years ago that he needed to tell her that he had those types of feelings for her. But he never did…..

Now he is also in the middle of some strange stuff with The Poet Girl….the whole thing just reeks of middle school…

It is so cold out. I ate a ton of potatoes today. I need to watch my food but I am feeling so bad right now cause of the dumb IG….

In other news……one of Big’s Stroller friend’s isn’t coming to the big event this year. It’s hard to believe that this will be my tenth Stroller show…..I think Big feels weird about the whole thing….but maybe it is time to hang up the torch. It has gotten a little weird over the years….I mean last year was great but it was also bad. I mean I didn’t think Big would talk to me again after the whole thing was over with but that’s a story for another time….

I need to get back to the gym cause it’s to frickin cold out to do any kind of exercising….

Man….should I call IG or not? I need to get go cold turkey on the penis I think…..I mean I don’t know….I never do know…..I wish someday I would know….or someone would….

I whine a ton here…..which is good cause it eliminates 25% of the whining in real life and that’s good…….


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