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2003-01-07 - 11:38 p.m.

I need some of that divine intervention to happen sooner than later. I cannot work these extra jobs on top of what is going on at my main source of employment

I am confident that my higher power, guardian angel, watcher, whatever we want to call it helps me thru rough things. I know this. I believe this. I have been patient and will continue to be that way but in the meantime I feel like I am being stretched out to the point of being weak. I think is because of my age. I have less tolerance for being on my feet for twelve hours after working my regular 6 hours of dealing with tantrum prone teens and confused young adults. I hate having additional jobs. I wish this was going to be easier but I don’t think it’s going to be.

I mean what else can we trim from the budget? I think the Internet and Cable will have to go. This would mean a savings of about $90 per month but then I think about my roommate and I would rather he didn’t spend every waking hour with his dad. Which is what would happen if I cut off the DSL or the cable. I think we could do without these things for six months but then I think about how expensive it is to hook everything back up so it probably doesn’t calculate to any great savings.

I need my FICO score to go up by 100 points or so. This might happen if I can get the two court judgments off from eight years ago…I am writing the letters. I feel like I am writing to Santa. I have the other stuff under control so it will look better a couple of months…but I have to write some more letters…

Dear Experian, TRW or Large Corporate Concern that is judging me on my past,

Please consider removing the following items from my credit file. Both of them are related to a very immature boyfriend I had at the time. I was temporarily insane and I signed an affidavit of responsibility when he needed surgery. I am an idiot. Please forgive me and take this court case, which resulted in my having my pay garnished for months off my record. It has been paid. I have the receipt.


Dear Student Loan People,

Omigod I wish you people would stop billing twice for the same Perkins Loan. I know I was a deadbeat but now I am trying to pay. What did I get for that? A new bad entry to my credit report, which is wrecking my FICO score. Please Please Please. I need to buy the house my son and I live in. I make an okay income and can handle this and my huge student loan payment. Please let me do this. I promise I will never take another vacation or buy anything other than generic chips….or Sauve


Dear Dad,

I know I need to do this on my own but could you possibly lend me some money or co-sign the note with me. You never paid for a wedding or schooling for me. You have shelled out for one wedding for my sister and plenty of rehab for the bro…I mean I don’t begrudge them this and I did appreciate the $500 you threw me a couple of years ago to buy that GEO after my beloved Festiva was demolished by a Crazed Bambi but HEY DAD>>>BEFORE YOU AND YOUR YOUNG GIRLFRIEND GO TO JAMIACA AGAIN…COULD YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP ME AND YOUR ONLY GRANDCHILD? Or at least acknowledge us? Did you know that in the last two years my ex-boyfriend has lent me more money than you have in my entire lifetime? I know you need the money for racing…and that’s your dream but all you need to do here is sign with me…just sign…. I have been paying my own rent since I have been seventeen

I am ashamed I have to ask you…but this would reassure the bank that I will pay…and I will be able to refinance after twelve on time payments and then we can get your name off of it.


Dear B,

I know that you love the roommate with all your heart and that you try to help the best you can. I know you had a lot of debt when we broke it off in 1992. I know you spent time paying those bills but I did too. I know you lived in a crack house with no car….I know that you sacrificed your career for your son.

However…..I need some child support now more than ever…….at least $200 a month for the next six months…..then you can go back to the non-support….

I have always had the financial burden of our child….I have always paid the rent, insurance, child care and doctor’s bills…..

I need your help right now to provide this home for him……Please consider it…and don’t buy a better TiVo…..or at least think about giving us your old one…….

I am running out of time to get my mortgage in gear. I am frightened. I love living in our house…I have been saving a down payment and paying off my debt at a fast clip. I do have some weird things on my credit report that I hope can be resolved soon so I can apply for the mortgage on my own without my Dad…

I am so scared I won’t be able to do this…

Hi my name is Mo and I am a reformed Deadbeat that needs to buy my house…


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