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2003-01-06 - 1:31 p.m.

Things I need to do this year

At work

1. Move the studio as quickly as I can.

2. Get rid of useless crap at work that clogs up my office space.

3. Work harder on letting my students know how they are doing in class in a timely fashion. I can do this by setting deadlines and sticking to them.

4. Try to work well with others.

5. Not complain about my Department Head to others.

6. Don't panic.

At Home

1. Set regular cleaning schedule.

2. Clean up the mess from the water softner explosion.

3. Clean garage.

4. Buy lawn mower that works. Get rid of one that doesn't work.

5. Set up chore schedule for the roommate. He can do some chores like taking out garabage and vaccuming.

Weight and Self Esteem

1. Eat cleaner and healthier. Stop buying pints of Ben and Jerry's now conveniently located within walking distance.

2. Work out at least three times a week with weights. Cardio at least three times a week.

3. Join the '500 Mile Crew'(I will try to put the link in here but I am an HTML tard) Going Nowhere: The Quest for Fitness, One Step at a Time This was Marn's idea and although I don't really know her very well I think this is a fabulous idea. Keep track of my milage and let total strangers know how motivated or unmotivated I am on any given day.

4. Not worry about how I look to other people. Worry more about what I think.

5. Get breast reduction paperwork started.


1. Keep paying off credit cards.

2. Buy House.

3. Get all Student loans out of default status.

4. Make budget and stick to it.

5. BUY A COMPUTER. Not borrow, nor beg, nor make one.....actually purchase one with licensed software.

Personal Life

1. Make the man mess go away.

2. Continue working on friendships with J. and others.

3. Keep telling the roommate I love him

4. Have gratitude as an attitude and realize I have a wonderful life that most other people would want to live at least for day or so.

5. Smile more often. I have a pretty smile.


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